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We do car services and repairs to all makes and types of vehicles. In doing so we only use top quality spares and components, in an effort to ensure safe and reliable motoring for our customers.

We offer a Car Check service where we spend an hour carefully assessing 62 critical areas of your vehicle’s operation. This produces a report that we present to our customer and walk through with them. By doing this assessment our client gets a thorough understanding of the reliability and potential hidden problems with the vehicle. This is particularly relevant to older vehicles and can save our customer a lot of trouble when purchasing a pre-used vehicle.

If you are thinking of buying a new car or second-hand vehicle and need some insider advice, we are here to help you and will gladly share some of our experience with you in this regard.

Car safety check
Bizzy car service and repair

In the motor industry there are many unreliable back-yard repair shops that are renowned for their bad service, questionable quality and general ethics. Bizzy Car Repair Centre is an affordable alternative, where we really do walk the extra mile for our clients. We offer expert advice and strive to make your motoring a pleasure – especially when something goes wrong.

We know that most people are busy and do not have the time or knowledge required in order to keep their vehicles in tip-top condition. We started our business out of a genuine interest in making this easier for people just like you. Our motto is “Someone you can trust” and we would like you to view us as your one-stop contact for ALL your motoring needs.

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No job is too small, too big or too specialised for us!

We deal with all aspects of your vehicle as far as servicing and repairs are concerned.


Repair & Recondition


Test, Supply & Fitment


Discs & Pads


Repair & Recondition


Supply, Fit & Balance


Diagnose, Repair & Refill


Test, Supply & Replace


Repair, Supply & Replace


Repair, Supply & Replace


Diagnostic & Repair
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Car Check

- A 62 point safety check that produces a comprehensive status report for your vehicle. Here are some aspects we look into.

V-belts / Cambelt


Tyre Check

Steering Check


Cooling System Check


Electrical Check


Fuel Line Check


Brake Check

Drive Shaft

Drive Shafts Check

Engine Oil

Check Oil Levels

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Vehicle Inspection Assistance

Vehicle inspection and roadworthiness assistance, from testing to repairs to registration

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